Should You Create a Trust?

Trusts are an important part of estate planning because they are a good alternative to going through a probate process. Trusts do involve more planning ahead, but it is fairly simple to do with an experienced trust lawyer, like a lawyer from Yee Law Group, PC. You should never try to do this alone, as you need someone who understands the laws of your state and will make sure everything is filed and set up [...]

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What Items Can Be Included in an Estate Plan? 

What Items Can Be Included in an Estate Plan? Just about anything can be included in your estate. You can determine just how detailed you want to be about everything. No matter what amount of assets you have, you need to have an estate planning lawyer, like someone from Klenk Law, on your side to make sure your wishes will be executed after your passing. Here are some of the most common things people will [...]

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3 Steps When Drafting a Will

Estate Planning Lawyer A person’s last will and testament is a vastly influential document, and there are legal requirements that must be considered when preparing one. Each state has differing requirements, so you have to make sure that you understand each aspect so that the will is legally-binding. You can help yourself by researching information for your state and contacting a lawyer who is knowledgeable in estate planning law.  Here are three tips to [...]

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A Guide to Estate Planning: Legal and Taxes

Estate planning can be a daunting task. Many people find estate planning to be too complicated, and they put it off for years. This is never a good idea because estate planning should begin as early as possible. If you don't have an estate plan in place, there could be major consequences that will affect your family and your finances. An estate planning lawyer, like one from Attorney W.B Moore, specializes in helping clients create [...]

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Sexual Harassment: Managing a Boss with Poor Boundaries

Managing workplace sexual harassment can be difficult, especially when your boss or superior is the one behaving poorly. For many, coming forward can be difficult as there can be many barriers set before a victim of sexual harassment. There can be so much shame associated with sexual harassment that many victims choose to never move forward. Knowing how to manage yourself in the workplace and how a victim may take action can be helpful when [...]

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What Is The Difference Between Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 Bankruptcy? 

Filing for personal bankruptcy can be difficult, which is why it is crucial that you enlist the help of a bankruptcy attorney, like someone from The Law Offices of Ronald I. Chorches, to help you along the way. You are likely not an expert in bankruptcy law, so it is incredibly useful to have someone on your side who knows the ins and outs of filing for bankruptcy and can make sure you do not [...]

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Why Hire an Estate Planning Lawyer?

A proper estate plan will ensure that your assets are distributed according to your wishes after you die. It will help your survivors avoid lengthy probate, a process in which the court settles your affairs. Estate contents may become public record once they enter probate court, so having a specific plan also helps to ensure privacy.  Too often, otherwise responsible adults shy away from estate planning because it can be unnerving to think about a [...]

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Some Ways a Probate Lawyer Can Help You and Your Family

If you have lost a parent or another relative then you are likely still dealing with the grief, but you may also have responsibilities that relate to taking care of their home and other assets that make up their estate. Some of these responsibilities are going to have deadlines and you must deal with them in a timely manner or you risk legal repercussions. Probate is the legal method of transferring ownership of a deceased [...]

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Finding The Right Probate Attorney

Finding The Right Attorney For Probate Finding the right attorney for probate can be a difficult challenge to take on. After all, you must have a multitude of questions that you would like to have answered and want someone you can trust to answer them. That is why it is important to keep some key things in mind when looking for the right attorney to assist you with the probate process. The right attorney can [...]

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How Do I Know if I Need a Will Lawyer?

Making a last will is an important part of any estate plan. Planning a will is not always simple, so it is good to do it early so you are prepared. If you want to securely manage your estate and make sure your beneficiaries receive the assets you want to pass down, setting up a will right away is essential. However, the process can become overwhelming as there are several steps involved. As a will [...]

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How Can a Probate Lawyer Help Me?

A good estate plan can prevent probate from occurring. For certain estates, probate is necessary to go through. There are several problems that can arise during probate, however, as an experienced probate litigation lawyer like one from Kaplan Law Practice, LLC is familiar with. It can also introduce issues such as excessive costs, delayed distribution of assets and property, and legal challenges. One way to resolve any probate issue that you may be dealing with [...]

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What can affect a Breath Analyzer?

DUI Lawyer If you’ve been charged with DUI, the breath analyzer results will likely be a large part of the case against you. Your DUI lawyer is aware of many factors that can affect a breath analyzer reading, and you should be too. First, you should understand how a breath analyzer works. When you blow into the machine, the ethanol (alcohol) in your breath is oxidized at the anode to form acetic acid. At [...]

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What Is Estate Planning, What Does It Involve, and How Will It Help Me?

What is an estate plan? Do I need one and when? Estate planning is a process that allows you to designate the recipients of your assets in case of your death. Estate planning is frequently used to eliminate the need for probate and minimize taxes. It can also serve to choose the person who will make financial and health care decisions on your behalf if you become unable to make your own. Many people [...]

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Sole Shareholder: Why Bother with Corporate Meetings and Minutes?

If you started your own corporation, kudos! Entrepreneurship is truly the road to success. Those who have been there know that running a business is no easy task. and you may benefit from the legal help of an incorporation lawyer Orange, CA businesses rely on. Your time may be preoccupied with marketing and doing the work you set out to do. Especially as a sole shareholder, it is easy to put corporate formalities on [...]

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Whom Should You Want to Have on the Board of Directors of Your Corporation?

Congratulations! You have started your own business and as one of the first steps you have formed a corporation. Now you are busy filling in the positions for your business and you come across the required position of “director.” What is this “Board of Directors?” What do they do? Who should be on this board? How involved will they be in your day-to-day operations of the business? How should they be compensated? These are [...]

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Special Needs Trust: What Is It and What Are the Benefits?

What is a special needs trust? In order to understand special needs trusts, we need to first understand what trusts are. We have written about trusts and other estate planning tools before. In short, a trust is a legal instrument, which allows the trust creator or grantor to place funds and assets to be managed and distributed by a trustee (a person or entity) for the benefit of a beneficiary. A Special Needs Trust, or a [...]

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Which Trust Will Meet Your Needs?

Trusts are some of the most common tools used in estate planning, financial and retirement planning, and inheritance planning.  As such, when choosing an appropriate trust for yourself or your clients, it is extremely important to understand the differences between the various types of trusts available. Most of these are created for specific needs such as caring for a disabled person, contributing to charities or philanthropic organizations, or providing for care of beloved pets. In [...]

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Will, What Is It Good For? Absolutely Something.

Making a will is one of the most important steps you should take in your life. Not only does it help you provide for your spouse, children and others, it allows you to plan out exactly how you would like things to be handled after you are gone. A good will must be able to answer some very important questions. The answers to these questions make up the major components of a will. These [...]

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Are You Single? Estate Planning Is Still Something to Consider!

The number of singles is on the rise in this country and every year there are more never-married, divorced, or widowed individuals. When it comes to the need for estate planning, your status as single or married does not matter. Single people need to plan and prepare for their future as much as married people. However, singles people do face certain unique issues, which require the use of some out-of-the-box thinking and tools. Some [...]

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Virtual Offices – The Path to the Future

Every client-facing industry is undergoing changes due to the increased availability of technology and automation. These advances in technology and the increased usage of internet in everyday life make it necessary to have some form of virtual presence in order to run a successful business, as an incorporation lawyer Orange, CA offers knows. Law firms are no different, and in fact, it is almost impossible to practice law without some form of virtual presence, [...]

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Estate Planning in the Digital Age

As the world around us changes and becomes more technologically advanced, we find ourselves on the internet more and more. We conduct businesses online, we bank online, we shop online, and we store a large portion of our documents, pictures and other belongings online. But what will happen to all these digital assets when we are no longer around? Common examples of digital assets are purchased movies and games, personal pictures and profiles on [...]

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