How Can a Probate Lawyer Help Me?

A good estate plan can prevent probate from occurring. For certain estates, probate is necessary to go through. There are several problems that can arise during probate, however, as an experienced probate litigation lawyer like one from Kaplan Law Practice, LLC is familiar with. It can also introduce issues such as excessive costs, delayed distribution of assets and property, and legal challenges. One way to resolve any probate issue that you may be dealing with is with the help of a lawyer, as an executor of an estate or someone who is working on their estate plan. Here are some ways that a skilled probate lawyer can help you. 

Identifying Your List of Assets

Keeping track of all your assets can seem like a large task, but it is a task that a probate lawyer can help you with. Failing to disclose all of your assets can lead to further delays, and it can take longer to have them retitled to an heir. A probate lawyer can list your assets, calculate their value, and make sure that no assets are left out.

Help You Lower Your Expenses

If you need to go through probate, you could have to pay high legal fees, administrative costs and other associated expenses. A probate lawyer can assess your estate and suggest ways you can keep your expenses at a minimum. They can make sure that your estate plan is crafted well so that you do not have any issues that might need to be fixed in the future. 

Retitling Assets in Heirs’ Names

One of the tasks that a probate lawyer can help accomplish is retitling assets. This process can be quite complex, especially for people with high-value assets or a large estate. A lawyer can make sure that right heirs and beneficiaries are listed in an estate plan and that a decedent’s assets are retitled in their name. 

There is much more that a probate lawyer can assist you with. Hiring a probate lawyer can help you better navigate the many obstacles that probate can bring. Whether you need a lawyer is ultimately up to you, but it is helpful to at least be aware of the benefits of having a lawyer entails. Schedule a risk-free consultation with a probate lawyer who has the necessary experience to assist you, whether you are an executor or are working on your estate plan.