How Do I Know if I Need a Will Lawyer?

Making a last will is an important part of any estate plan. Planning a will is not always simple, so it is good to do it early so you are prepared. If you want to securely manage your estate and make sure your beneficiaries receive the assets you want to pass down, setting up a will right away is essential. However, the process can become overwhelming as there are several steps involved. As a will lawyer, like one from Yee Law Group, PC, can tell you, a number of complications can arise if you do not have a will after your death. You may need to see a lawyer if the following scenarios apply to you. 

You have a large estate 

If you have many large assets, high income, or have multiple accounts, getting help from an experienced will lawyer may be in your best interest. For example, if you have a large amount of money or have a particularly large estate, it can become complex fast, but a lawyer can help you complete each of your tasks. 

You want to update your will

Making periodic updates to your will is recommended. If you have recently gone through a major life event, such as marriage, making the necessary changes to keep your will current can help prevent any issues. If you need assistance making the updates or are not sure what changes to move forward with, a will lawyer can help you land on a decision as well.

Your children have special needs

If you have minor children who have certain special needs or you have unique family circumstances, such as shared custody, hiring a lawyer is also recommended. These cases demand careful attention because they are not as straightforward. 

You need to go through probate

If you have a will, you likely have to go through probate, which is the process during which the court formally recognizes a will as a binding legal document. Probate can be inconvenient and cause other issues, so talk to a lawyer to learn whether you can skip the process. 

You do necessarily need a lawyer to write a will, however, having a lawyer at your side to guide you through the process can be helpful. When you have unique circumstances, they can give you the support you need and answer any questions you may have. To learn more about whether you need professional support, arrange a risk-free consultation with a qualified will lawyer for your estate planning needs now.