Sole Shareholder: Why Bother with Corporate Meetings and Minutes?

By |Business Law|

If you started your own corporation, kudos! Entrepreneurship is truly the road to success. Those who have been there know that running a business is no easy task. and you may benefit from the legal help of an incorporation lawyer Orange, CA businesses rely on. Your time may be preoccupied with marketing and doing the work you set out to do. Especially as a sole shareholder, it is easy to put corporate formalities on [...]

Whom Should You Want to Have on the Board of Directors of Your Corporation?

By |Business Law|

Congratulations! You have started your own business and as one of the first steps you have formed a corporation. Now you are busy filling in the positions for your business and you come across the required position of “director.” What is this “Board of Directors?” What do they do? Who should be on this board? How involved will they be in your day-to-day operations of the business? How should they be compensated? These are [...]

Virtual Offices – The Path to the Future

By |Business Law|

Every client-facing industry is undergoing changes due to the increased availability of technology and automation. These advances in technology and the increased usage of internet in everyday life make it necessary to have some form of virtual presence in order to run a successful business, as an incorporation lawyer Orange, CA offers knows. Law firms are no different, and in fact, it is almost impossible to practice law without some form of virtual presence, [...]

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