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wills lawyer Orange, CA

A will is one of the most important documents you can leave behind for your family and friends after your death, and a will lawyer in Orange, California can help you write a will and plan for your future. Read on to learn more about how to plan your estate with the help of a lawyer from Holborn Law, and how you can make your passing easier for your family and friends.

Designating an Executor

If you die without leaving behind a will, the state will designate a representative to handle the division and distribution of your estate. In most cases, this representative is a spouse or an adult child, and sometimes another close relative. However, the state doesn’t know the ins and outs of your relationships with each of your family members, and all too often the responsibility falls on a vindictive or greedy ex-spouse.

Instead of letting the state choose who is in charge of your estate, you can name an executor in your will. Under attorney guidance, you can name a trusted individual to handle the contents of your will and to follow any instructions you’ll leave behind. Unfortunately, your assets aren’t immediately transferred to all of your beneficiaries upon your death: Your executor will have to manage the proceedings and help your family and friends through the probate process.

What is the Probate Process?

When you die, your executor needs to handle the division of your assets and your estate. This process is known as probate, and it can be a lengthy and frustrating battle for everyone involved. There are several steps, and at each interval there’s the possibility for infighting and arguing over what you’ve left behind.

Firstly, your will needs to be sent off to ensure it has satisfied the requirements of the state. The executor needs to notify the beneficiaries that you have died and that the will has been submitted for approval, and before anyone sees a single cent, your assets need to be found and assigned a value. This might mean a fee paid to independent assessors, and even after this step your family and friends aren’t out of the woods.

Once your assets have been tracked down and valued, taxes, fees, and debts need to be paid off. After this essential step, your assets (or whatever’s left of them) can finally be distributed across your beneficiaries. It’s a long process with plenty of room for conflict – all the more reason to get in touch with a wills lawyer in Orange, CA.

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At Holborn Law, we know that your estate is your legacy, and the last thing you want is to have your legacy tarnished by a complicated and frustrating struggle over all of your assets. Writing a will is only part of a long planning process, and you’ll need legal help if you want to minimize any drama between your family members.

Don’t let your passing be any more painful for your family and friends than it already is. Contact a wills lawyer in Orange, CA and see how Holborn Law can help you plan your estate.