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Probate Lawyer Orange, CAIf you need a probate lawyer in Orange, California, you can count on Holborn Law. Probate is a frustrating and lengthy process, and the right legal advice from a qualified lawyer can make all the difference. But what makes probate so difficult, and what can you expect from a lawyer when you decide to reach out to one for help?

Inside the Probate Process

There’s plenty of opportunity for bitterness and infighting to surface and cause your family and friends undue stress as they’re dealing with your passing. Unfortunately, when it comes to money and assets and deciding who gets what, there’s even more opportunity for drama. Despite all the arguing and fighting, creating a will is necessary to avoid even more headaches and heartaches.

Dealing with an estate without a will is a nightmare, and dealing with an estate that has a will is only slightly better. If there’s a will, then your beneficiaries can start the probate process.

Probate is the process through which your estate is divided and bequeathed to your beneficiaries, so of course it’s complicated. And if there’s any bad blood between your family members, you’ll probably understand why it gets so frustrating, as well. Probate is broken up into several steps, and each step there’s room for disagreement and financial loss.

If your will names an executor (it should) then it means you’ve elected a trusted person to follow the instructions contained in the will. Unfortunately, it’s possible for people to contest the appointment of an executor, further bogging down the probate process before it even starts. Assuming your beneficiaries all agree with your choice of executor, there’s still an uphill battle to be fought before any of your family or friends see a single cent from your estate.

The rest of the probate process is a revolving door of legal requirements and tasks that have to be completed before the estate is released to your beneficiaries. All of your beneficiaries will need to be notified about your passing, and your will will have to be submitted to a court to ensure it’s legitimate. Your assets will need to be tracked down and each possession will need to have a value assigned to it, which means your folks will have to pay for outside help. And you can’t forget taxes and any outstanding debts. After all the hoops to jump through, your beneficiaries will probably wonder if they’ll get anything at all.

Probate is a challenge, but fortunately a probate lawyer in Orange, CA can provide more information about how you can make probate easier for your family and friends, and how you might be able to avoid it altogether.

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At Holborn Law, we know how complicated probate can be, and we know you don’t want your loved ones to suffer any more than necessary after your passing. In a time of grief, the last thing they should be dealing with is endless paperwork, forms, and legal battles over your legacy.

When you reach out to a probate lawyer, you learn valuable information about how to make probate easier for your friends and family, and you can also learn how you can use a living trust to protect your family from the probate headache altogether.

Estate planning takes a lot of work and dedication, and a lawyer from Holborn Law can protect your future. Contact a probate lawyer in Orange, CA today, and see how we can help you plan your tomorrow.