Estate Planning Lawyer Orange CA

estate planning lawyer Orange, CAWhether you’re young or old, rich or poor, an estate planning lawyer in Orange, CA can help you protect your family and keep them from fighting over your assets after your death. Dealing with the loss of a loved one can be painful and frustrating, and if there is any kind of animosity between your family and friends, it may all bubble to the surface after your passing.

Estate planning isn’t just for your own peace of mind: It’s for everyone you care about, and it’s for how your legacy is remembered. Read on to learn a little more about estate planning, and how you and your lawyer can take steps to keep your family together through thick and thin.

What’s the point of estate planning?

Over time, we all build up a collection of assets. This can include our physical possessions, our investments, and anything else we’ve worked hard to make for ourselves over the course of a lifetime. Of course, all those assets have to go somewhere after you die, and whether that goes to your family, friends, charity, or anywhere else is entirely up to you – but you have to lay down the game plan and provide the instructions.

Hypothetically, let’s say you didn’t leave behind a will. In the event of your untimely and sudden demise, your family and friends will be grief-stricken, but also completely lost when it comes to your belongings. If you fail to provide any instructions regarding your estate, your loved ones will have to sort through everything on your account, and open the floodgates for endless arguing, fighting, and even legal cases as they battle over each shred of your legacy.

As an estate planning lawyer in Orange, CA can explain, even if you leave behind a will, your family will be dealing with frustrating and time consuming challenges. If there’s a will, there’s probate, and the probate process can be almost as challenging as figuring out what to do with an estate with no will at all.

If your loved ones need to go through probate, it means they have to track down each and every one of your assets, and they have to assign a value to everything with the help of independent assessors. Additionally, the executor (the person named in your will to handle the distribution of your estate) needs to be someone you – and your whole family – can trust, otherwise someone might challenge the appointment and try to prioritize their own needs and ambitions ahead of the rest of the beneficiaries.

And of course, after the assets are finally tracked down and any outstanding debts are paid off, your loved ones will have to pay taxes on their shares of your estate before finally, finally getting whatever’s left over for them. Imagine going through all of the paperwork, fees, and drama while still grieving for the loss of a loved one – and imagine if that bitter fight over your assets is all people remember from your passing. Is that the mark you want to leave in the memories of your loved ones?

Contact an estate planning lawyer today

It’s possible to protect your family from a lengthy fight over your belongings and a challenging probate process. When you reach out to a qualified estate planning lawyer, you’re getting valuable advice and instruction on how you can make your estate as painless as possible for your family and friends to divide upon your passing.

It’s difficult to think about our own mortality, but it’s important to know your loved ones are cared for after your death. Reach out to an estate planning lawyer in Orange, CA today, and see how Holborn Law can help you plan for tomorrow.