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Estate Planning Law Firm Orange, CAAs you are thinking about providing for your family and loved ones later in life, a lawyer from an estate planning lawyer in Orange, CA knows that you may be considering writing or revising your estate plan. At Holborn Law, we know that for many people, creating a will is one of their first courses of action. With a will, you can successfully distribute your assets to those of your choosing, name a guardian for your minor children, specify how you wish your funeral to go, and even name someone as your executor who can ensure your estate is distributed how you want it. With a will, your property will still need to go through the probate process, and that is something we can help with as well. Once your named executor begins working on your will, the probate process can get going. Depending on how difficult this process is, your executor may wish to work with our team to ensure nothing is left out of the process and that it goes as smoothly as possible.

If, on the other hand, a will sounds like it may not be the right move for you and your estate, you can speak with our office about creating a living trust. By choosing this route, you can transfer your property to your beneficiaries when you pass away without the hassle of your estate going through probate. When you create a living (revocable) trust and name yourself as the first trustee, you will still have control over your estate while you are alive. Our team at Holborn Law can help you determine whether a will or a trust would better serve you and your loved ones. More interested in getting help for your business? Our team can assist you with forming your LLC and can also help you decide what your business structure will look like. Whether you need our team from the ground up or with business contract problems that arise, give Holborn Law a call now.

Local Attractions

Angel Stadium of AnaheimWhile you work with Holborn Law to help form your LLC or create your will or trust, why not see what else the area of Orange County, California has to offer? If you would like to visit a piece of history while you are here and you are a fan of baseball, take a trip to see the Angel Stadium of Anaheim. With less than 5 minutes of driving or 15 minutes of walking, you could find yourself staring at the field where history has been made. Known as being the fourth-oldest Major League Baseball stadium (still active), it has hosted three Major League Baseball All-Star Games. More interested in the movies that have been shot here? Taking Care of Business (1990) and Angels in the Outfield (1994) were both shot at this ballpark and give you a sense of sports and cinematic history when you visit. At Holborn Law, while we pour our hearts into taking care of our clients’ estate plans, we also know the importance of relaxing. If you are a baseball fan or simply need a break from thinking about wills and probate, take a short walk down to Angel Stadium of Anaheim; it is sure to be the right place for you.

Take a Walk in Nature

Haster Basin Recreational ParkSports may not be your thing after a long day of estate planning or business-forming. When that is the case, Holborn Law recommends taking a quick five-minute drive to Haster Basin Recreational Park. Upgraded in 2014, this park boasts beautiful jogging trails, exercise stations, picnic areas by the lake, and two new soccer fields. When it comes to wills, trusts, and probate, it is easy to get in your own head and feel like the process is overwhelming. The truth is, this process can be overwhelming when you are taking time to think about what will happen after you pass away. However, taking a few minutes to be one with nature and your environment can truly help to clear your mind. As a trusted Orange, California estate planning law firm, we know that giving yourself time and space to think can help you come to the right decisions. Whether you want to go alone, bring your family, or take your dog for a walk, Haster Basin Recreational Park can offer you beautiful scenery while you enjoy a bike ride, kick a ball around, or sit by the lake. It’s always important to take a restful moment, especially when making such important decisions about your estate or your business. Visit Haster Basin Recreational Park today to see what we are talking about!

Disneyland ResortSimply want to get away to a magical kingdom after a long day of making decisions about your estate plan or business? Our Holborn Law team recommends taking a trip to Disneyland Resort! Whether you are hoping to bring the whole family or want to go just yourself, you are sure to find something there for everyone. With delicious restaurants, attractions you won’t want to miss, and your favorite movies coming to life right before your eyes, Disneyland Resort is sure to take your mind off of estate planning and transport you into a whole other world. Interested in more laid-back fun? Walk to Paradise Gardens Park, where you can enjoy food, bands, and more classic attractions. For many people, working on their estate plan can make them feel like they are coming to grips with getting older. If you want to feel like a kid again, there is no better place than visiting Disneyland Resort. Want to extend your stay? You can stay at one of the many hotels located in the resort and enjoy the different spa packages that may come with it. Some of the best decisions you can make in life come after you have had the opportunity to clear your mind and relax.

Are you interested in seeing what more we have to offer near Holborn Law? Call our estate planning law firm in Orange, California to learn more about the local attractions and begin discussing your estate planning or business-forming needs.

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